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Koala Backloading

Koala Backloading

866 Kingston Road Waterford West
Waterford West QLD 4133
Public Liability:
 Public liability insurance verified

Established family business from 15 years ago which we purchased 2016 and changed business name to Koala Backloading chosen by our little daughter.

Have done Vic, NSW and Qld since started but currently doing NSW and Qld, operated by father and son.

Moved a lot of lovely customers through freightliners, moving again, movemeremovals and moving select and have many returning customers or friends and relatives of people we have moved.

Have also assisted many DV women customers with their moves and its been quite an interesting journey moving people from all walks of life!!

Available Options

Koala Backloading ARM polo

Koala Backloading ARM polo 100% Polyester in a 160gsm micro mesh fabric for durabilityJB’s Dri™..


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